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USMLE by Dr. K

One-on-One Online Tutoring
by High Scorers (270+)

Step 1, 2CK

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Say goodbye to all the Books!!
Focus on concept understanding. Reduce the book to one.

One-on-one Interaction

Unmatched one-on-one experience tailored to your need. Receive tutoring best fit your strengths and weaknesses which is not found in group sessions.

Surprisingly Affordable

Don’t break the bank for your studies!! We are priced 2-3 time less than other elite tutor. Our constant intensive course promotion will save you $$

By Elite 270+ Scorers

We are proud of our USMLE success.With experience through the same exams, we will divulge all our strategies that will help you reach an even higher goal.

Skype online session

Our online tutoring will save you time and traveling hassle. We utilize Skype screen-sharing function to create an interactive classroom like environment.

From M.D. to future M.D.

With years of clinical and USMLE tutoring experience as certified M.D. (outside US), let us help integrate our clinical knowledge to assist your USMLE journey.

Free trial, from our hearts

Always feel welcome to try our free introductory session. With our love for teaching, we will never force you to pay if you do not think we will benefit you.

Latest Testimonial

Thank you Dr.K! Just to let you know, I have my score back which is “238“!  I will be seeing you again for my step 2CK preparation soon.”

(Thanit, IMG from Mahidol University, Thailand)

Comment: He started with NBME score of 90 (<130 in USMLE predicted score) before USMLEbyDr.K Intensive Step 1 Course We are proud of our student results! Mean Score: Step 1- 235, Step 2CK- 238!

We maximize your understanding, Not memorization

Not everyone has an IQ of 150 or a photographic memory. Let us help you optimize the usage of your ability to tackle the USMLE. Our focus is on nailing all the key concepts and reducing the memorization part.

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USMLE Step 1 Course

Reduce the number of studying material used and time wasted. Our interactive online course will run you through the important concepts. Strengthening the online course with highly regarded review book such as First Aid for USMLE step 1 is enough to achieve an excellent score.

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USMLE Step 2CK Course

Enhance your clinical knowledge for the board and future career. Don’t waste time rereading Step 1. Our goal is to help maximize your understanding by providing both basic and clinical knowledge. Additional reading with books like Master the Boards for Step 2CK is recommended.

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Master Test Taking Course

An elite 10 hours course focusing on symptomatology and questions tackling skill. Be prepare to learn the secret behind the 270+ scores of our tutors!!! You will become a Master Test Taker!

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We Create The Best Study Plan For You

As we know each individual is different. We will help create the best plan on a weekly basis to maximize your potential.

Book reduced to One

Get rid of all your books. Too many materials will overwhelm you. Memorize only one book and the additional notes we provide which is a proven plan for success.

Strengthen your Basics

Basic science is always integrated into our courses. Fundamental knowledge will be the key to understanding and your success.