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About Us

Khem Channoi, MBA
Founder and CEO of USMLEbyK.com

An educator who have established many successful tutoring center in Asian countries. He is well known in educating, scheduling, coaching students to overcome tests. He will use his extensive knowledge in education to plan your studies.

Kay Atchanee, M.D.
Lead Tutor at USMLEbyK.com

Currently obtained a residency of his choice with an astounding USMLE score of 27x!! He started his medical education at a “Times higher education” ranked university in Asia at the age of 16. He has vast experience both in basic science and clinical knowledge during his post graduate research years. By achieving an extensive gain in knowledge through this USMLE journey, he hopes to guide more fellow USMLE journey takers with his vast experience in teaching.

Basic knowledge99%

Basic science focus

Our courses focus on basic sciences integration. With extensive experience in molecular genetics and anatomy, our tutors are highly capable of delivering important basic science knowledge relevant to the USMLE step 1 and 2CK. We have a USMLE Step 1 score of 260+ to prove it!!


Why Choose Us

We Create The Best Study Plan For You

As we know each individual is different. We will help create the best plan on a weekly basis to maximize your potential.

Book reduced to One

Get rid of all your books. Too many materials will overwhelm you. Memorize only one book and the additional notes we provide which is a proven plan for success.

Strengthen your Basics

Basic science is always integrated into our courses. Fundamental knowledge will be the key to understanding and your success.