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Dear Fellow USMLE journey takers

“USMLE”, a word we medical students dread as one of the most difficult test that will determine your future physician life as you know it. As a fellow test taker I have also feared how the outcome will be. And how the scores will decide my future. With this fear constantly clouding my mind, I have constantly searched for hours and hours the perfect way to aim for the highest score possible. I wanted to “conquer the test” “kill the USMLE” with the least effort and receiving the highest score that will bring me my bright future as many suggested. That was my initial goal. . . Oh! how terribly wrong I was. . .... Read More

USMLE score of 270+ is not a dream

For an average achiever like me, a super high score on the USMLE seems like a dream at first. Through constant endeavor to improve my knowledge with a well planned study guide, I was happy that I was able to achieve my dream score. I want to help guide everyone through this. I want to be your coach, your private tutor that will take you through the same enjoyable journey. 270+ is a reality that you will create by yourselves with a little guidance.