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United States Medical Licensing Examination

Embark on our guide to your USMLE studies

As an experienced tutor with 260+/270+ board scores. I will help advance you through the bread and butter concepts of USMLE step 1 and 2ck exams. The guidance will be enough for you to be able to study and memorize on your own for your perfect score.

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Start off by planning according to your weakness and set up a course for that. This is Free of Charge.

Course Starts!

We go through the well-planned course. Feel your understanding increase as we go by.

Onward to victory

Our course ends but your study isn’t. Constant reading and memorizing what you have learn will help you maximize the score.

Detail of the courses

New!! 3-4 weeks Intensive class

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20 hours Course (40%off) 2 Students per month

30 hours Course (40%off) 2 Students per month

40 hours Course (45%off) 2 Students per month

“a well-tailored course that has help struggling students pass there test with significantly higher marks.”

20-40 hours of focused lecture on the highest yield topic

Intensive self-study schedule tailored for each student

Bi-weekly knowledge and progress checking

Additional high yield notes to strengthen the main book

100+ High yield questions to assess understanding

Free!! 2 Hours of Test taking strategy for 250+ gunners

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USMLE Step 1

Our course will try to reduce the materials you need for studying. We provide the concepts mandatory for step 1  

We mainly focus on FIRST AID for the USMLE step 1 as a general outline. Additional notes and concepts will be provided for your best understanding. We do not wish for you to spend countless hours in reading other additional books just to receive only a handful amount of knowledge for the test. Recently the test tends to change to a more clinical approach. Throughout our course, you will be strengthen on the high-yield clinical vignette which may be lacking in the pre-clinical studies.

Material needed

We are going to use FIRST AID for the USMLE step 1 as the basic outline for studying.

Practice Questions

We will provide a High-yield set of question to test your understanding after a topic is covered.


Our course will try to reduce the materials you need for studying. We provide the concepts mandatory for step 2CK

We mainly focus on Master the boards for Step 2CK. The mentioned book are not enough and you will need additional knowledge and concepts that I will help provide which you will only need to lecture into the books. Our course will try to integrate all the basic science that is very important for proper understanding of every detail in this test. The knowledge we provide is surely enough for you to receive over 250 score but the part of memorizing and studying after our course is base solely on your endeavor.

Material needed

We are going to use Master the boards for Step 2CK as the basic outline for studying.

High Yield notes

Additional High-Yield notes will be available for you as an addition to your main study source.

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Customizable Schedule

Tailored for you

We will analyze your strength and weakness to create a schedule for tutoring, self-study, and question drills.

Progress checking

To ensure that you are on schedule with your reading, we will conduct weekly checking of your progress.

Flexible Timeline

We can adjust each and every class to your availability. Just give us a call the day before.

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